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1000W Nutri1000 8-In-1 Blender

Make healthy meals in seconds. There may be many blenders and juicers on the market, but there is only one Nutri1000 8-in-1 Nutrition Blender. This blender helps you to prioritise both yours and your family’s health and well-being. With the powerful Milex Nutri1000 you can now cut down on your preparation time with the press of a button.  Simple to use and easy to clean, the Nutri1000 is the perfect tool for those taking their first steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Make healthy, quick soups, purees, pâtés, juices, smoothies and more in seconds! Its compact size and simple assembly allow it to fit onto any countertop. While its powerful motor and blades allow you to extract fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds with minimal chopping, peeling, or prepping. The Nutri1000 Nutrition Blender from Milex has multiple mixing and blending functions that make it a completely versatile food preparation machine.

4-In-1 Little Bambino Tricycle Stroller

Get your child outdoors and learning all the necessary motor skills that they need to get started with their cycling experience with the Little Bambino Daydreamer! Here is what you can expect from your Little Bambino Daydreamer:
    • Thanks to the quick release feature on the canopy you can easily remove the canopy for your child to enjoy the trike on their own.
    • There are double back wheel brakes ensuring that when your child brakes they come to an immediate halt.
    • To suit the height of your child, the seat is adjustable.
    • The trike includes a foldable footrest to ensure that your child is comfortable when using it on their own.
    • The chair of the Little Bambino Daydreamer has a safety belt included
    • To make thing easier to cart around with you, the trike has a storage basket attached to the rear.
    • For longevity, the trike is made from a metal frame.
    • Available in bright colours.

Air-O-Space Camping Adaptor Car Plug

This camping adaptor is a compact electric pump that is ideal for air mattresses, inflatable boats and more. Simply plug it into the 12V auto cigarette lighter socket in your car and switch it on. It is compact in shape, convenient for travelling and has multiple nozzles that will fit directly into different inflation valves. Notice: Do not pump your football, basketball, or car tyres with this device.

Allura Purifying Peel-Off Mask

The Purifying peel-off Mask smoothes the texture of the skin and increases vitality. Who wouldn't want blemish free, youthful looking skin? This deep cleansing peel off mask removes dulling surface cells and impurities while the vitamins and plant extracts soften the skin to restore a youthful glow.

Anti Anxiety Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are suggested to be 7-14% of your body weight to relax the nervous system by stimulating the feeling of being held or hugged. This increases serotonin and melatonin levels and decreases cortisol levels-improving your mood and promoting restful sleep at the same time. Benefits of Comfort Pedic Weighted Blanket:
  • It is useful for anxiety and stress.
  • Creates a focus on ADHD.
  • Alleviates restless leg syndrome.
  • Enhances sleep quality.
  • It helps you stay asleep at night.
  • It makes you fall asleep faster.
  • Improves mood.
  • Aids the elderly.
  • It’s similar to getting a huge hug.
100% Natural Cotton, Non-toxic Silica Beads.

Anti Fog Protective Safety Goggle

The Remedy Health Anti-Fog Protective Safety Goggles has a clear lens offering a 180°  wide vision. Features: Anti Fog lens Adjustable strap Chemical Splash Eye Protection Soft Lightweight Eyewear

Aragan Secret Eyelash Growth Enhancer

Aragan Secret Eyelash Growth Enhancer increases the length of your lashes and gives you noticeably thicker lashes within only 4 - 8 weeks of use. Eyelash Growth Enhancer not only increases eyelash density but also promotes eyelashes to regroup. In saying so, this product is also effective when used on eyebrows. Visible results within 4-8 weeks of use of this unique safe formula. DIRECTIONS FOR USE:
  • Use on clean, dry skin
  • Wipe gently over the eyelids
  • Use once a day either morning or evening

Aragan Secret Nail Fungus Repair Oil – 10ml

he tried and tested Aragan Secret Nail Treatment with Argan oil keeps your nails smooth, moisturised and healthy. Aragan Secret Nail Treatment’s powerful natural formula is based on Argan Oil which is harvested from the Argan tree found only in Morocco. This unique treatment also contains Tea Tree oil, Clove and Rosemary Oil. With a low PH level, the formula does not only keep your nails smooth and attractive but also helps fight fungus and eczema. How to use:
  • Use on clean and gently buffed nails.
  • Use the provided brush and spread the treatment on the nail and surrounding skin.
  • Allow the nails to dry.
  • Apply three times a day for best results.

Armoire’s Amerika TV Unit

Gorgeous unit with two matching shelves. Ample storage for remotes, magazines and DVD's. Product Dimension: Width: 180 cm Height: 32,6 cm Depth: 29,5 cm Large Wall Shelf Size: Width: 60 cm Height: 14.5 cm Depth: 14,5 cm Small Wall Shelf Size: Width: 40 cm Height: 14.5 cm Depth: 14,5 cm

Armoire’s Deren Coffee Table

Iron meets Marble! A match made by Homemax Deren Marble finish Coffee Table. Add a touch of sophistication and modern style to your living room. The black marble finish will blend effortlessly into any decor style, and the iron legs gives the table a minimalistic finish. The iron legs are made of DKP profile and painted as an electrostatic furnace. The flat top surface is ideal for flowers and other decor accents. Product Dimensions Width: 90cm Height:47cm Depth:60cm

Armoire’s Geacles TV Unit – Marble Look

Beautiful and elegant, the perfect piece for your TV area with enough space to place your TV, and still have additional space for the pretty lamp. With storage and two shelves, those remotes and magazines will be well out of your way. Tv Unit Size:
  • Width: 150 cm
  • Height: 40,6 cm
  • Depth: 30 cm
Wall Shelf Size (2 Pieces)
  • Width: 50 cm
  • Height: 15 cm
  • Depth: 12 cm

Armoire’s Snake Desk

Create a user-friendly and lovely workspace with this Snake Desk. A simple, stylish yet functional design. The Snake Desk has a large surface to add a laptop, 2nd screen and even a printer. It also comes with 3 stylish side shelves attached on the desk's side panel to make it easy for filling or if you don’t need a lot of things on the desktop. The product is produced with 18 mm thick first-class chipboard material and PVC edge bands are used in the product. Just what you need – a functional desk with a modern finish.   Product Dimension: Width: 120 cm Height: 75 cm Depth: 60 cm Colour : Only available in White

Blind Spot Mirror (Set of 2)

Eliminate blind spots while driving with the Blind Spot Mirror. It is easy to install, easy to adjust and fits on all vehicles. This wide-angle mirror will fit on the following vehicles:
  • Cars.
  • Trucks.
  • Bakkies.
  • Buses.
  • Trailers.
  • SUVs.
Make driving safer and parking easier as the Blind Spot Mirror increases your visibility up to 2.5 times. There is a unique wide-angle convex design that widens your field of vision.

Carbon X Butterfly Pillow (Memory Foam & Anti Snore Pillow)

Conventional pillows provide neck support that is enough to put your head and sleep on but does not offer your enough support for your neck, back and shoulder. Introducing the solution to a good and relaxed night. The Dr X Carbon SnoreX Cervical Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow. The Carbon SnoreX provides support for neck and head that positions your breathing pathways in the optimal position to help reduce snoring. Cervical contour supports the natural curve of the neck and provides plush comfort throughout the night; allowing you to breathe more freely and reduce snoring.  The pillow offers balanced support of your head, neck and shoulders. Because of the balance support it promotes proper spine alignment so you always wake refreshed and relaxed. Helps relieve muscle fatigue, pain & soreness during sleep. The Carbon SnoreX pillow is perfect for different sleeping positions (stomach sleepers, back sleeper, side sleepers).

Chuk Bok – 19pc Cookware set

he Chuk Bok - 19pc Cookware set is a great addition to any kitchen. This cookware set is top notch for catering to all of your cooking needs. Each piece in the cookware set is made from a high-grade quality of stainless steel. Each pot and pan is paired with a thermo-controlled lid. What is in the box:
  • 2 x Bakelite Mats.
  • 3 x Stainless Steel Kitchen Tools.
    • Serving Spoon.
    • Spatula.
    • Slotted Spoon.
    • 1 x Mixing Bowl 20cm x 8cm.
    • 1 x Suction Knob.
    • 1 x Casserole Pot 24cm x 14cm with lid.
    • 1 x Casserole Pot 16cm x 8cm with lid.
    • 1 x Frypan 24cm x 6.5 cm with lid.
    • 1 x Saucepan 16cm x 8cm with lid.
    • 1 x Steamer 20cm x 100 cm.

Comfort Pedic Comfy Socks – Kids Car socks

Keep your feet warm and snug with these comfy and cosy non-slip socks that double as slippers. These Comfort Pedic Comfy Socks are made with a warm soft plush fleece lining, treaded bottoms, nonslip, anti-skid gripper tread on the sole; Fashionable & snuggly pack of versatile indoor winter lounge footwear for all. The bottom of the socks have non-skid silicone gripper dots to keep you from sliding on the floor. Slip-resistant tread grippers provide traction for your safety and comfort. These Comfort Pedic Comfy Socks are perfect for cold mornings and makes it that much easier to get out of bed. These extra thick thermal socks are available in different colours. They are also great for travelling and makes anywhere you go feel just like home. Available in knitted patterns & colourful designs so they are not boring

Copper Chef – 26cm Frying Pan

Copper Chef - 26cm Frying Pan A Copper Chef pan is the most versatile pan you’ll ever own. Use it to fry, saute, steam or braise food on an electric or gas stove or use it in your oven to bake pastries or roast meat and vegetables. The Copper Chef range is made using the all-new revolutionary technology knows as ceramic-tech; a copper ceramic non-stick coating that will repel even the stickiest of foods. The ceramic-tech non-stick feature allows you to cook without using butter, oil and other non-stick baking chemicals. Creating healthy meals for you and your family has never been this quick and easy. The non-stick coating is also PFOA and PTFE free. Over and above that, its stainless steel induction plate allows your food to cook quickly and 100 percent evenly Features: - Is the most versatile pan you’ll ever own - The Copper Chef range is made using the all-new revolutionary technology - Creating healthy meals for you and your family has never been this quick and easy

Dancing Stars Laser Light – Red and Green

Dancing Stars Laser is the most spectacular way to decorate your home instantly! Create thousands of sparkling lights in an instant, just plug them in, point and thousands of big, bold breath-taking stars appear right before your eyes! The secret is advanced laser light technology that creates a dramatic 3-D effect. From still to dancing lights at the flick of a switch, it is literally as easy as that where one button controls all. Design Patterns to Choose from:
  • Constant red
  • Dancing red
  • Constant green
  • Dancing green
  • Constant green and red
  • Dancing green and red
  • All Combinations

Deep Scratch Remover

Unlike other products, GS27 requires no strenuous buffing. It's non-abrasive and contains a superfine microscopic crystallite that works its way into the scratch and polishes it away. Simply rub GS27 Scratch Remover into the scratch with a soft cloth and watch its special formula work instantly. No buffing, waxing, sanding, priming or painting GS27 Scratch Remover is so effective it will even remove surface rust from chrome bumpers.

EMS Smart Massager Hip Trainer

The EMS impulse wave stimulates the hip muscles movement, lifts up hips to make them plump and elastic, offering you firm and well-built hips. EMS uses electric stimulation to create an involuntary muscle contraction. It targets fast-twitch muscle and therefore can easily produce a toned body and a positive change in appearance. To operate, just press the buttons on the controller hosts to switch massage modes and adjust intensity levels according to your desired comfort or preferred effect. At least 30 - 60 minutes of training is all it takes. And you can choose your intensity. The slim design of the use it discreetly under your clothes. Get the body of your dreams Specifications
  • Thigh belt relaxed length - 43cm
  • Thigh belt - stretched up to 65cm
  • Hip Belt length - 107cm
  • Both belts have velcro straps making the product adjustable
  • Voltage 3,7V
  • Charging Current 0,3A

Fix It Pro

Safely removes scratches, bumps and blemishes from your car's finish. Fix it Pro is a fast acting formula that uses millions of microscopic polishing agents to penetrate scratches and restore your car's original shine and finish in just seconds. Features: - Fix It Pro works on any car, in any colour - Fix It Pro contains UV hardeners which allow it to fill, level and cure - Fix it pro is resin-based and comes in the shape of a pen, making it easy to use

Floormax – Flexi Mop

For those of you who struggle to clean certain hard to reach places in your home, then the Flexi-Mop is definitely the solution for you. With a flexible shaft, this mop can reach almost any space that you struggle to reach. The Flexi-Mop is a flat mop with a flexible shaft that allows you to easily clean tricky spots such as the spaces underneath your beds and couches. The split Microfibre mop head ensures thorough cleaning. Microfiber technology is so effective that you don’t even need to use expensive detergents or other harmful chemicals when cleaning – simply use water. Flexi-Mop is suitable for cleaning:
  • Laminate floors
  • Ceramic tiled floors
  • Melamine floors
  • Wooden floors

Floormax Wonder Mop

Mopping just became as simple as DIP and Mop! The Wonder Mop has a durable microfiber cloth pad that captures all kinds of dirt & cleans surfaces thoroughly. This Microfiber technology is so effective that you don’t even need to use expensive detergents or other harmful chemicals when cleaning – simply use water. The cleaning pad holds a super absorbent shammy towel inside of it that effectively locks in any wet mess as you mop. The Wonder Mop is both a flat microfiber mop with its separate washing & drying sections for hygiene hands-free, water conservation no complicated gears & moving parts that wear out over time.  

Funloom Arts And Crafts Jewellery Weaving Loom Kit

Create your own cool, colourful jewellery with the Fun Loom Kit! The kit includes an expandable loom board that lets you design and make stylish accessories such as bracelets, rings, hair bands, belts, necklaces and more. This creation station also comes with a hook, 600 colourful silicone bands, 30 closure clips and a step-by-step "How to Loom" guide. 600 Non-toxic 100% silicone bands are enough to make 24 bracelets.

Garcinia Cambogia Weight Loss Patches

Your ideal figure is one step away The Garcinia Cambogia extract patches are a safe and convenient way to curb your appetite and lose those extra kilos. The Garcinia Cambogia extract patches are the best natural aid in your battle to lose weight while boosting energy without the burden of pills or injections. By using our extract patches technology, you have a real opportunity to cut the weight that has been bothering you. It is safe, easy and convenient to use with a sustained release over a 24-Hour Period. 100% Natural Ingredients. Garcinia Cambogia fools the brain by making you think that you are full. With our time-released technology, it lasts for hours and may provide energy with No Sugar Crash. The Garcinia Cambogia extract patches are 100% natural, safe and shape to the contours of your body. The Garcinia Cambogia extract patches are a safe, effective and inexpensive alternative to traditional weight loss methods. Try the Garcinia Cambogia extract patches today and discover this natural aid in the battle to lose those extra kilos. After all, what do you have to lose except those extra kilos? The Patches come in packs of 30, which should last you up to 1 month. For the best weight loss results, it is recommended that you use the Patches for 90 days so you can see a dramatic improvement with your eating habits. The Patches are herbal and have no known side effects, although this supplement is not suitable to take if you are pregnant or have a pre-existing medical condition.

GS27 HeadLamp Restorer Kit

Over time, plastic headlamp become yellowed and tarnished, making them less transparent. The consequence is a reduction of light intensity which means less visibility at night. This can be dangerous and can lead to vehicle inspection failure. In an answer to these problems, GS27 has created the new GS27® Headlamp Restorer Kit. A simple, rapid solution for restoring your headlamps original shine and transparency. All you need is a kit, a standard drill and a few minutes of your time. This comprehensive kit contains a roll of adhesive masking tape, a drill adapter, 6 sanding discs, a foam pad, a tube of headlamps and bodywork repairer cream, a sachet of Titanium Ultra Shine & Protection and a microfibre cloth. The original shine and transparency of the headlamps is very quickly and easily restorerd. This multi-use kit is the easiest, most effective way of restoring every part of your vehicle (car or motorbike): - varnished paintwork - plastic headlamps - plastic rear cabriolet windows - wheels and hubcaps - motorbike windshields

GS27 Leather Cleaner & Condition Interior Care 375ml

Leather is a highly durable material that provides great comfort and gives a beautiful luxurious appearance. Due to harsh sun exposure and much wear and tear, leather can fade and start cracking. It is therefore important to look after and care for your leather interior in order to make the leather last longer and look better. The GS27 Leather Cleaner & Condition Interior Care 375ml revives faded leather car interiors with ease and is the perfect way to avoid damaged leather. The Carnauba wax cleaner conditions all leather and vinyl interiors and restores their original soft and luxurious look. The GS27 Leather Cleaner also prevents further fading and damage on leather.

GS27 Titanium Gel Wheel Cleaner

GS27 Titanium Gel Wheel Cleaner clings longer to wheel surfaces, giving a more precise, deeper clean. Thanks to its gel formula containing surfactants and Titanium®, it removes brake dust and stubborn road residue, leaving an intense shine and a protective coating on your wheels.

Homemark Top Mop Plus

Introducing a revolution in cleaning! The Top Mop Plus is a complete cleaning system, which includes a spinning action mop and dual chamber bucket. The super soft absorbent microfibre mop head picks up even the finest dirt, and won't damage your floors. The unique dual chamber bucket not only spins your mop head clean but will wring out any excess water, meaning your floors dry faster and have a streak-free shine. Features and Benefits:
  • 360 degrees rotating mop head.
  • Soft and absorbent microfibre mop that won't damage your floors.
  • Dual chamber bucket.
  • Saves power, time and electricity.
  • Can be used as a wet or dry mop.
  • Easy to use.

Homemax Clever Tray

Keep your food fresh for long The smart tray is stackable and space-saving. Each size of this tray is 12*9*1.1 inches, it also can be stacked into refrigerator, freezers or cabinets after filled with food, so there is no mess in kitchen and saving room. It is not only heat resistance but also safe under freezing condition. No matter where you place it whether in the microwave, freezer or dishwasher