The centerpiece of your workout, the Adidas essential strength bench is designed to enable you to incorporate a variety of exercises into your routine whilst remaining comfortable, practical and streamlined in design. With three levels of incline, the opportunities really are endless. Providing a flexible workout station with the use of a barbell rack and leg curl/thigh extension attachment, the Adidas workout bench is ideal for both upper and lower body training. The separate squat rack can be used in conjunction with the bench holding the barbell or standalone as a piece of equipment when working specifically on squatting technique.  


Designed with dual-functionality, the Foam Ab Roller develops total core strength and aids recovery. Featuring detachable foam-gripped handles and an inner storage tube, the Roller morphs to suit your needs pre, post and during workouts. Essential for any training regime, the Ab Roller challenges your stability to strengthen your entire core. Allowing you to perform ‘rollouts’, the wheel engages your trunk for dynamic ab workouts. Also helping to ease muscle discomfort and release tight tissue, the Foam Roller can be used with or without handles; making it easier to roll tough areas such as the quads, hamstrings and traps.


Designed for both weighted and unweighted training, the Adidas Power Bands help create challenging workouts. Fit for enhancing traditional weight training, the bands apply consistent resistance for more effective movements. Used in isolation, the Power Bands help strengthen and tone without the need for bulky equipment. Red – Tensile strength 25 kg (pull to 200% of length) / 34.1 kg (pull to 300% of length)
  • Dynamic resistance
  • Fit for weighted and unweighted exercise
  • Compact and versatile
  • Made from latex
  • Circum. 208 x 4.45 x 0.5 cm
  • Available in light, medium, and heavy


A Pilates Band, or resistance band, is a simple tool with great benefits. Typically used for Pilates, resistance bands are used for total-body conditioning, enabling you to target numerous muscles. If you're looking to take a break from your heavy lifting regime, a resistance band can be the perfect accessory to keep you active through that recovery phase. Alternatively, Adidas Pilates Bands are recommended by physiotherapists to speed up the recovery process, helping you to gain back strength and mobility following injury. Lightweight and compact, the Adidas Pilates Bands can be taken anywhere for a safe and effective workout. Made of professional-grade high-quality latex rubber, the Pilates Bands are strong enough to hold up during heavy routines, so you won't have to worry about the bands tearing or weakening over time. Two resistance levels of light and medium are included, so you can select the level required for your exercises. It's important you choose the right length of resistance band for your height too. 180cm long (or 5' 11"), the Adidas Pilates Band is long enough to perform most Pilates moves, but if you're looking for further resistance for specific moves, simply double up the band to the required length. Incorporating a Pilates resistance band makes your practice much more challenging. It engages more muscle fibers and helps to improve form, leading to a leaner, sculpted body.


Fitted with twin pulley stations and a plate loaded stack, the Adidas Sports Rig provides all-round strength training for any level. With wires adjustable to 17 positions, the Rig’s four carabiner attachments vary your training with upper and lower body exercises. Also equipped with a floor-level row station and split pull-up bar, the Sports Rig’s versatility and durable steel construction combine for challenging home workouts.
  • Twin pulley stations
  • 17 pin-adjustable cable heights
  • Built-in pull-up bar
  • Floor level row station
  • Plate loaded (compatible with 25 mm plates)
  • Protective central panel with a workout chart
  • Includes handles, short bar, and ankle attachments
  • Durable steel construction


  • Durable heavy duty metal fastening loop
  • Fully adjustable Velcro closure
  • Sturdy nylon weightlifting belt with added internal fabric